WannaCrypt Ransomware

June 2, 2017

You can't have escaped the news about the latest ransomware...  attacks, called WannaCrypt (among other things!), so you should know what happened and what you should do about it.

However, just to be clear, here are some things to do :

  • Use an up to date OS (Like Windows 10)
  • Ensure your updates are automatically enabled
  • Get a good endpoint security product, such as Webroot, Kaspersky or ESET and keep it updated
  • Make sure you back up your data at least once, even better to have 2 copies.  (I know, backups are boring, but they will save all your precious photo's and videos!)
  • Be aware that links and attachments on emails or websites can be malicious
  • Be careful what you click on

It might seem like we're always playing catch up, but that's because we are!

But with the above ticked off your list and with your ever increasing knowledge of threats (don't click on that email link for nude photos!), you'll have a much better chance of staying safe.

Stay safe!

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