Spear Phishing

Information is a powerful tool, the more you know about someone the more you can take advantage of them. That's how spear phishing works.

Spear phishing is a way of convincing someone that an email is legitimate, by inticing you to click links in an email that is of interest to you.

Identifying Phishing Emails

Spear phishers imitate companies you know by spoofing email addresses, signatures, and logos to build a false sense of trust. To spot a phishing attack, look out for common warning signs of a phish:

  • Poor grammar or spelling
  • Strange Sender
  • Unexpected or unsolicited file attachments/hyperlinks
  • Appeals to emotions like fear, curiosity, or sense of urgency

So next time you get that email that seems to know about your interests, always take your time to review it to ensure it's not a fake.

Clicking links or opeing attachments in spear phishing emails can lead to data compromise, device infection and even financial loss.

The stakes are high, make sure your defences are on alert as well.

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