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While I'm always trying different applications, extensions and settings I still have a good solid set-up that I go back to, which is as follows :


I use a Macbook and a Windows 10 PC, they are both updated automatically.


I use Kaspersky Anti Virus, which I get supplied from my bank (so see if you can do the same!  Also, try your ISP for the supply of security software).  For many years the free versions of AVG, Avast etc.. were good enough, but these days, you need the paid for versions and rather than having to pay more, see if you can get that software from your bank, ISP or somewhere else legitimately to save any extra expense.

I also use RansomFree by Cybereason to help protect against ransomware attacks and Heimdal Security to keep my apps up to date on my Windows 10 PC.


Opera is my current favourite, it now even includes an ad-blocker by default!

Within Opera, I use the following plugin's and settings :

  • uBlock Origin - I use this as well as Opera's built in ad-blocker
  • Lastpass - My favourite password manager
  • Do not save passwords in the browser (Settings > Privacy & Security > Passwords)
  • Check the box to block ads and remove all exceptions (Settings > Basic > Block ads)


Backups are as important as you need them to be, so have a think about what would you do if you lost your data, whether it's a hardware fault, a house fire, theft or a ransomware attack, if you don't backup your data it could be lost forever!

  • Synology NAS drive to backup all data and hold Mac Time Machine backups
  • Sync Cloud account to backup my data in the cloud
  • I also use Google Photos which is a really good backup app for your photos and videos for your phone.  (And it's free if you don't mind a lower resolution, but still more than good enough to view and print from!)

I'll update this as we go along and I'll put some posts up to show how to get the most out of this setup to keep you secure and backed up.

Stay safe.

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