You don't need me or anyone else to tell you that your data is important to you. So what would you do if you lost access to that data or your laptop or PC failed? Have you backed up that data?

And importantly, do you know how to restore that data?

You should also ensure that you have created a recovery drive in case Windows doesn't start up or use the Macs backup options if you have one.

There are many options when it comes to backup, but Windows and macOS have some built in tools to help, use the links below to find out more:

Windows 10:


There are many options in both Windows 10 and MacOS to assist you when things go wrong, but it will be easier if you've prepared yourself in event of disaster, rather than having to play catch up.  So look through the options in Windows 10 and macOS and be prepared!

If you use Office 365, or OneDrive, you can of course save your data to the OneDrive location and while this isn't a traditional backup, it does synchronise your files with the Office 365 cloud, so if your PC / Mac does fail, your data will be stored in the cloud for later access.

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