Don't be held to Ransom

November 1, 2018

Ransomware is still a huge problem, that is ever changing and not going away anytime soon.  You need to ensure that you protect yourself, your business and your customers from having any data held hostage with no way to recover.

If you do get hit by ransomware, it is classed as a data breach and you need to consider what that means for your business.  You could get fined, lose customers or your business may not be able to continue trading.


That really is a staggering statistic and brings home the problem.  Phishing emails are a leading cause of ransomware infections so be careful.

Here's what you can do:

  • Check emails carefully:
    • Who is it from?
    • What are they asking me to do and why?
    • Look for spelling and grammatical errors
    • Check the email address matches the company name
    • Don't click on links in suspicious messages
    • Don't open attachments in suspicious messages
  • Ensure your anti-virus has ransomware protection and it is enabled
  • Ensure your devices are updated
  • Backup your data and ensure you know how to restore it.

Human error is still to blame for most breaches, so understanding the risks and empowering yourself and your employees through security awareness training is an essential action you should take today.

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