Be careful what you click on

April 29, 2017

You know you need to be careful when clicking links on websites, but... especially emails.  But, you still do click those links or open those attachments, because you're curious and I get that.

But do you really understand the dangers that could be hiding behind those links?

Click here for free money

Did you click that link above?  I hope you didn't!

But you see that even though the text says 'Click here for free money', the link behind that goes to the search page 'Stay Safe'.  It could have been so much worse!

Let's try this next one :

Did you click that one?  Again, that doesn't go to the website it looks like it does even though it looks obvious that it will go to google, it just doesn't.

And clicking links could get you in a lot of trouble, from malware infecting your computer, ransomware attacks or giving your confidential information away, it's all possible.

In your browser at the bottom of the screen, it should show exactly the link you are going to if you hover your mouse over a link, so hopefully you can see that before you click.

Hopefully your anti-virus should help you block these websites, but that shouldn't be relied on and don't forget, you are the first line of defence!

Stay safe and be careful what you click on!

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