Let's start with this; There is no way to be 100% safe.  If someone wants to get to you, they can and I cannot help you stay safe from the government or hackers who are specifically targeting you.  What I can do is show you how to stay safe from the threats that are out there on websites, emails and cafe's with free wifi!

Click, tap, secure, about us

So with that in mind, let's begin.

Online security is more important now than its ever been, but it can be confusing and difficult to implement good practices for your home or business devices.  I wanted to create a place that could educate and inform while being easy to understand and hopefully with a relaxed and witty style.

There are plenty of dangers lurking around online, but you are the first line of defence and you can make a real difference to staying secure.

So read the articles, put into practice what you can and hopefully we'll get you more secure without having to spend all day writing about it.

The most popular delivery method of attacks is still via email, whether it's links or attachments, you have to be sure what your clicking and if in doubt, don't click!

So be careful what you click on, from emails to websites there's always someone trying to scam you.  Don't just click any link, be aware that the link you see, might not take you to the place you thought it was!

Even with the best security in place, you are still the best form of defence, so think before you click.

Stay safe and think before you click!


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