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Cyberaware Solutions cybersecurity Passwords

Secure Accounts

Protect Devices

Defend Network

Data Backup


Protect your accounts, devices and data.

When you look for cyber security advice, there's always talk about threats, vulnerabilities and risks, but it can get complicated really quickly and for a small business, you don't have the time or the resources to understand them correctly.

So, I want to provide some simple advice that you can use to improve your security and protect your accounts, devices and data.
Cyberaware Solutions cybersecurity Passwords

1. Secure your Accounts

Create good passwords and follow simple rules to ensure your accounts stay out of the hands of attackers.

2. Protect your Devices

To protect your accounts, data and devices, security controls are an essential element of the security steps you should follow. 

3. Defend the Network

Implement protections to help restrict access to malicious and fraudulent websites.  This also helps with ensuring children don't find websites they shouldn't.

4. Backup your Data

Your data is important, so ensure it is backed up, secured and that you know how to recover it should you need to.
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